À La Carte Services


We offer a number of helpful supplementary services which can be added to your chosen destination wedding package:

Wedding Website

Wedding websites create a platform for couples to share details of their wedding celebrations with their family & friends. Content on your website includes: Bride & Groom’s story How you both met & your personal journey Celebration Dates Timings & Location for each event Accommodation & Transport for guests Capturing photos of the your memories together E – Invites RSVP Management Guest Concierge Services / Day Excursions Accommodation – Transport / shuttle service.


Have your RSVP cards mailed directly to our office or emailed to us to save the hassle of keeping track of who is and who isn’t coming to the wedding, how many guests they are bringing, and what entree choices they have selected for dinner. Using your guest list, we will create and maintain a spreadsheet that is updated weekly with guest responses from your RSVP responses. Once the RSVP date has passed, we will give you a list of guests to contact who have not replied with their RSVP. Once you have the responses from those guests and share them with us, we will update the list with the final information and share with all relevant wedding professionals including the venue, rental companies, and the caterer.

Guest Concierge

For couples navigating the complexities of wedding planning while managing guest inquiries, our guest concierge service is the ideal solution. From travel logistics to accommodation details, we handle the ongoing queries that often accompany wedding preparations. Once your invites are sent and guests confirm attendance, our dedicated team takes charge. We promptly respond to phone calls and email inquiries, warmly welcome guests at the chosen location, and provide a designated hot desk. Offering activity recommendations and assisting with transportation, we act as a liaison between guests and various departments, ensuring seamless communication. Regular reminders on event details and thoughtful anticipation of guests’ needs contribute to an exceptional and stress-free guest experience throughout the festivities.

Venue Finding

If a comprehensive wedding planning package isn’t your preference, explore our bespoke venue finding service. Choosing the right venue is a crucial initial step, extending beyond size and facilities to align with your vision and desired atmosphere. With our experience, we assist in discovering your dream venue, considering factors like attendee locations, travel logistics, themes, and budget. Leveraging our negotiation skills and venue relationships, we tailor your contract for the best value. From defining criteria to site visits and contract finalization, we support you until your dream venue is secured, allowing you to focus on the rest of your wedding planning.