Mono-Floral: What To Know About 2022’s Latest Wedding Trend

With the pandemic now looking like a blip on the horizon behind us, we’re seeing more fun and fresh ideas being reintroduced onto the wedding scene — introducing the mono-floral look, proving less can definitely be more.

While the re-emergence of the wedding scene is relatively old news (especially with couples who had their pre-Covid plans ruined and have since been waiting impatiently to burst through those church doors), wedding planners should be bracing themselves for the full force of this phenomenon in 2022.

With this climb in demand, couples are looking for more innovative ways to make this special day timeless — not to mention ensure a lasting impression on their family and loved ones, making sure they have much to talk about after. Now more are considering mono-floral flower arrangements, which is a simple and elegant way to make your wedding decor pop. While the idea may seem unoriginal on paper, it is anything but boring! We’re seeing more weddings utilise mono-floral flower arrangements to make show-stopping bridal bouquets, table centrepieces and installations.

Put a modern twist on your bouquet.

Often at weddings, an array of different flowers are used to make bouquets and arrangements, but sometimes that just makes things complicated and difficult to manage. If couples are looking for a stately, minimalistic bouquet that is equally effective and sophisticated, mono-floral flower arrangements are your best bet.

While being restricted to one type of flower may seem rather limiting, one shouldn’t underestimate the boundless potential of a mono-floral bouquet. This is a refreshing take on the traditional flower arrangement, which is often set in the belief that if you put in more variation then it should result in — understandably — more impact. A keen eye would know better.

If you want to learn more about this underrated trend, read on to learn some tips and tricks curated by our expert wedding planners at Destination Snob.


One flower doesn’t mean one colour!

Fortunately, most flower species come in a plethora of colours so you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice. Whether you’re looking for a vibrant or more muted palette, rest assured your desires can still be catered for in a mono-floral arrangement — despite the obvious limitation.

If you want something that reflects an elegant yet daring personality, why not a cool-toned delphinium bouquet with sea blue and soft lavender hues? Or maybe you could consider a bouquet of peach and cream peonies to exude a sweet and charming energy? Alternatively, you could push for a more modern and experimental look by dying dried foliage in any colour you’d like! Truly, the possibilities are endless with a mono-floral arrangement.

On the other hand, while some blushing brides may immediately have a choice in mind, finding the right flower can be equally daunting. It ultimately depends on the aesthetic you have decided for your wedding overall. If you’re looking for something lush and extravagant to complement an equally extravagant venue, peonies are one of the most highly coveted of all wedding flowers — they are also one of the most expensive, unfortunately, so make sure to review your budget before deciding on these! Or maybe you’re searching for something more classic and sleek? We’d recommend hydrangeas that are notorious for their brilliant blue and subtle white variations for a vintage feel. Are you just not quite sure? Roses are a safe choice, especially with the sheer variation that comes along with them — you can go big and fluffy, or crisp and delicate, the choice is yours!

At Destination Snob, we will recommend a selection of gifted floral designers who will bring the best out of your bridal bouquet through a process of meticulous consultations. Whether you have a completed vision cemented or only have a handful of abstract ideas, we ensure your dreams will come to life in every aspect of your wedding plan.

Bold backdrops and awe-inspiring installations.

When it comes to mono-floral flower arrangements, designers have sung praises when utilising this concept for wedding venue decor. If you’ve so much as glanced at the #weddingplanning tag on Instagram or Tiktok, you might’ve caught a look at the recent obsession with baby’s breath bouquets — namely ‘baby breath clouds’ that ‘float’ as hanging installations or are fixed on walls to make gorgeous backdrops. This is one example of how one flower that is underestimated individually, can make a huge statement in sheer volumes. However, be careful! Large amounts of baby’s breath are notorious for smelling a bit like a barn — luckily, this issue can be worked around as long as you have consulted with your wedding planner. One way this can be resolved is by soaking them in a weak solution of bleach and water. Not only does this cut the smell, but it also whitens the flowers! Don’t forget to then make a fresh cut to ensure you don’t drip bleach solution on anything that could be damaged.

If you’re not a fan of baby’s breath (let’s not forget allergy season), you could always get creative and try a similar setup with a different flower! If you’d like to maintain that garden feel, you could always use sweet peas or perhaps darling lilacs for a romantic aesthetic. As always, a diverse assortment of roses can bring texture and movement to an installation. With the addition of lush green tones, you can bring in a neutral element to balance the rest of your colour palette — whether it’s bold scarlet reds, or muted mauves and marigolds.

Whatever your dream wedding looks like in your head, we can bring that vision into reality at Destination Snob. From the decor to floral arrangements, even to your wardrobe and makeup, our talented designers and wedding planners will know exactly how to elevate that special moment to the next level.